RICH electronic design


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Chip carrier test

VA-RICH Power consumption

-2V current draws 34 mA, +2V current draws 5 mA. Total power comsumption is 68 mW.

Spark protection

Spark protection works, but the spark current burns the trace from pad to input transistor, which makes the channel float. In a few cases, spark burns a channel and one of its neighboring channel also. However this is acceptable.

Noise rejection

Prelimenary study shows that noises on power supply (both +2V and -2V) are amplified. The amplification peaks at 100K Hz. The maximum amplification is around 20 to 30. 🙁

VA-RICH noise

With 3pf input capacitance, the noise is about 170 electrons.

VA-RICH dynamic range

Within good linearity, the dynamic range goes from -500000 electrons to 500000 electrons.

Circuit diagram

12-bit Receiver & ADC

Receiver schematic.

ADC schematic.

Power supply specification

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