Detector Photos from CERN

Completed “C” side (one half of the UT) [ Sept 2022]. One can see the staves connected to the pigtail flex cables, which are routed to the Peripheral Electronics crates. The crates each have a number of Data Combiner Boards (DCBs) that send data between the front-end ASICs and the DAQ. The large number of electrical cables carry low voltage power, high voltage for the sensors, sense lines, etc. The cyan cables are fiber optic.


Zoom into the region showing the semicircular cutout that allows UT to match the contour of the LHC beampipe. The shiny parts are the silicon strip sensors containing 1024 channels, which are wirebonded to eight 128-channel SALT ASICs on the UT hybrid. Note that the middle two staves are rotated by +5 and -5 degrees with respect to the first and last staves.